TBD Frying Pan Road, Basalt

 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES023 - C
Listed at $2,350,000.00
Location: Basalt
Type: Ranch Development
MLS: 150187
Acres: 250.46

Just a short drive from Basalt, Colorado, Ruedi Ranch is without question one of the largest and most exquisite pieces of property in the Frying Pan Valley. This 250+ acre ranch sits just above the Yacht Club on Ruedi reservoir with unobstructed views of the water. Build your own paradise just 50 minutes from Aspen with access to hunting, hiking, biking, sailing, boating and windsurfing. The ranch currently consists of a well kept horse barn complete with impeccable stables, a wrap-around deck, and 600+ SF of heating living area. Naturally, the property is fenced for horses and the gorgeous Smith Creek flows abounding from the center of the estate into the reservoir just next to the Yacht Club.
Listing information courtesy of Aspen Associates Realty

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 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES001 - C
 GIS Map With Parcel Overlay
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 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES016 - C
 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES017 - C
 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES018 - C
 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES022 - C
 FryingPanRdLand_ColterSmith_HIRES024 - C
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