Marketing Program

Our Marketing and Sales efforts are diverse and inclusive to provide the most beneficial results to you.
  • We consider properties to have their own distinct characteristics, similar to works of art.
  • We work to get Buyers fair prices relative to the current market.
  • We price properties appropriately based upon Seller’s goals. Sellers are shown a comprehensive multi-perspective analysis of value prior to selecting a list price. We put your interests above winning sales records.
  • We know buyers come to Aspen to view many competitive listings. We work to harness the entire broker network to attract Buyers and Brokers to our listings.
  • We ensure viewings are successful by following up with engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • We attend showings for all our listings. Showings are not delegated to assistants. The showing "event" is by far, the most important component of the marketing and sales effort. This is where relevant property features can be noted, questions answered, and opportunities explored.
  • We capitalize on every opportunity to allow brokers to preview listings.
  • We are flexible with scheduling and meetings.  
  • The Aspen Core Realty's office, located less than 2 blocks to the gondola, is within minutes of most listings. The office is open six to seven days per week. Brokers are available to respond to showing requests, no matter what the day or time. In a town where buyers and brokers often have small windows of time for viewing, being available and responsive often makes the difference between a sale and no sale.
  • We execute extensive local and international on line marketing campaigns. Listings are advertised on the Aspen Board of Realtor's MLS site. All listings are integrated into the Zillow, List Hub, and networks which further distribute listing information to numerous other networks, giving the listings the most absolute market coverage. We use keyword internet targeting to get your listings in front of the most likely Buyers for your property.
  • To direct buyers to our listings and to keep your property in the minds of local brokers, we incorporate print advertising in our two local newspapers: The Aspen Times and The Aspen Daily News. The widely distributed glossy magazines, Aspen Sojourner and Aspen Peak Magazine, also build demand for our listings. 
  • We provide Sellers with timely and relevant market developments to help make the best decisions possible.
  • Confidential information remains confidential.
Written by Mark Kwiecienski, real estate broker in Aspen since 1985. If you are considering selling your proeprty, please give Mark a call for a no obligation opinion of value and consultation..