Mark Kwiecienski, Broker-Partner

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Thanks for dropping by! I have been an integral part of the real estate community in Aspen and a broker here since 1985! Over the years have worked in brokerage and development projects in Aspen, Snowmass, Basalt, Eagle County and Garfield County.  Schmoozing is not top skill but being an expert of the task at hand is.  My schedule and commitments are arranged to permit devoting large blocks of time in specific weeks to review inventory with a contracted client.  The bulk of the properties I am involved with are around the Core of Aspen which is where I began. I know the rest of the valley as good or better than most.  We selected the name Aspen Core Realty as that is where I focus my attention.  

I can tell you pretty quickly if what you are looking for is possible and will show you the best options on and off the market.

For several years I sold over 20 properties/yr which put me near the top in transactions in Aspen. In others have focused more on development and hired brokers while I oversaw the development.  Via the MLS system and the Assessor data base I’m able to evaluate and make excellent assessments on valuation, market demand, and critical points of concern for nearly any whole ownership property or project. When needed I call in the most appropriate person in related fields of architecture, building, and or land use.  I am fluent in approvals and have taken many projects thru the Pitkin County 1041 process and the Aspen Historical Preservation approval process as well from identifying concepts to consulting on design and construction.  The real estate touring car is a Range Rover LR3 – comfortable and plenty of seating.

People like to know how I got here so this is the story: I had the good fortune to attend the prestigious Burke Mt. ski race academy, for the skiing part, and later attended Lyndon State College and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1981 with a BSAD in Business Administration.  My move to Aspen in 1983 was made after deciding my top ranking as a top collegiate ski racer was close enough that I should pursue a  US ski team birth. The US ski team appointment never materialized, but lots of other great things did and so I stayed and made this valley my home.  

Life is a nonstop education. 

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Tel: 970-618-1145 

What Clients Say About Mark:

As a real estate professional I was particularly able to evaluate Mark's service to me as both a seller and a buyer. My experience permits me to recommend Mark most highly as a hardworking and capable broker.
Larry Ashkin
Dear Mark,
I rarely write or give praise for a job well done but in some rare circumstances my expectations are so far exceeded that special comment is demanded.  You did an awesome job from every perspective and my wife and I are both excited by the end result which could have only been accomplished by a combination of market knowledge, hard work, and an unusual degree of creativity.
Your knowledge of the market. . . .
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Ray and Lou Stover, Aspen, CO
I have purchased two properties through Mark in the core area of Aspen over the past three years. His extremely high level of product, market and zoning knowledge, combined with his insights, diligence, brokerage skills and desire, produced excellent results that I am certain we would not have gotten otherwise.  He has since become a friend and we feel very fortunate to have met Mark three years ago. He was not referred to us by anyone, which makes the results we experienced even more remarkable. We always felt that his sense of fairness and our welfare was his top priority. He listens well and enthusiastically, and goes the distance leaving no option uncovered.  His recommendations for whom to use for various aspects of the sale and making improvements to the properties after closing were excellent ones.  I am pleased to unequivocally recommend Mark Kwiecienski to anyone interested in buying or selling Aspen Real Estate. 
Michael Smith, Houston, TX

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