May 26, 2014
Aspen Core Realty
Mr. Mark Kwiecienski
720 East Durant St.
Aspen, CO, 81611
Dear Mark,
I rarely write or give praise for a job well done but in some rare circumstances my expectations are so far exceeded that special comment is demanded.  You did an awesome job from every perspective and my wife and I are both excited by the end result which could have only been accomplished by a combination of market knowledge, hard work, and an unusual degree of creativity.
Your knowledge of the market is as good as it could be and your follow thru with transaction details was impeccable.  The degree of professional market knowledge in the Core and West End areas is more extensive and timely than others I have worked with – by far.  You seemed to have the answers in nuances to almost every listed and unlisted property we were looking at and those around the periphery.
You have an excellent ability to listen carefully and think about my wife and my needs and apply deep knowledge and creativity to satisfying those needs…..even if, as in my case, I am not clear in my own mind what would really work for me and my family other than thinking we wanted a place in Aspen.  You listened to what I said we wanted, and uncovered the underlying factors that are important to us.  You came up with a solution that met our needs far better than we could have imagined without your help.   As a result, without you ever pushing even the slightest bit, we came to understand all relevant options. Thank you.
We are thrilled with the historic single family home that you helped us acquire.  As our Buyer Broker, you have helped us get the property at an excellent price..…. I have never bought real estate that appraised for more than the offered price! I am thrilled and so appreciative that you advised us on the two other properties that we had made offers on to hold firm as the counter offers were not favorable. 
And, perhaps equally important, your integrity is of the highest order.  I know this for a number of reasons but the clincher for me is the obvious respect of your peers and other professionals with whom you have worked over the years.
Perhaps because of your natural empathy for others, you have demonstrated the kind of empathy combined with the integrity needed to put our welfare unquestionably above your need to generate commission dollars. I feel as though we were treated like family. Thank you.
I hope these words help you attract the best clients. I would be more than happy to talk to any of your possible clients.  I would tell them , first and foremost, that you truly live the ideal, of doing what is best for your many clients.  I would go further and tell them “Do yourself a big favor and give Mark a call”.
Writing this letter is the best way I know how to thank you for a job that is well beyond what I or any client has any right to expect.  And, of course, you have our unquaified permission to post this letter to your website or to pass it on to any person that is considering using your excellent services.  Thank you! 
Ray and Lou Stover,
1006 Cooper
Aspen, Co., 81611